There's many questions we receive, here is a place for us to list a few of the most common questions.

You can call (417) 501-5785 for more information about our program and services.

What is an Estate Sale?

The idea behind an estate sale is to setup the items throughout the home in a nice way. Shoppers are welcomed into the home, with security and staff placed throughout, to help costumers purchase items that other-wise would be donated or thrown away. It's a grand experience, with fancy signs, great people, and prices that are fair for both sides!

Do estate sales work good in Springfield?

The people who attend estate sales in the Springfield area are antique dealers, art collectors, knick-knack hunters, and garage pickers. Some are looking for good deals on household cleaners, others want beautiful antique furniture, and all of them are respectful and cleanly.  With a such a diverse market in Springfield, all items in the home will be purchased by the end of the sales event.

Is it safe to have people in my home?

While the sale is open to the public, our Estate Sales are tailored to people in the art, furniture, and antique industries. This results in high-quality buyers who appreciate and respect cleanliness and the home-owners personal space.

How do you protect from theft?

With the ability to call-in more staff at any point, we keep a heavy amount of staff and security, never leaving valuables unattended. Important and valuable items are placed in the main show-room area with the cash-register, and entrances/exits are limited to ensure no-one is sneaking out the back. Security and safety is priority!

How many people are expected to come through in a weekend?

During the days of your sale, we'll expect to bring in around 1,000 different buyers. These people will not only be looking at the items in the home, but also the home itself. We DO NOT sell homes, but we can direct them to your realtor for more information!