Caringness and Compassion Works!

In a world often defined by profit margins, bottom lines, and corporate policies, it feels good to be the outsider. Focusing strictly on helping customers brings a new meaning to the work-week, and a much better reason to wake-up in the morning.

Our estate sales are good, flat-out, they get good results. But it’s the behind-the-scenes that I am most proud of. Working for a company that puts people-before-profit is something that drives me and the people around me everyday. Even a bad day, is a great day.

Our auction guy, “Woody” is someone who has to have a goal. He wants something to work towards. Something we both agreed on, was that we’d work on doing more good for our customers. How can we do better? What is an actionable step we can take today to help people do better?

It took a minute to respond, we already did good work, but it needed to be more. “We could get to know our people better. Find out the stories behind the antiques, and ask more for the items after getting the history for them.” Boom. He hit the nail on the head.

Caringness and Compassion Works for Estate Sales. You’ve read this before, and I could say it 1,000 times more. Understand the history behind these items give us a chance to talk, research, and become closer to those who hire us to do their sales. It creates a chance to set down, share some laughs, listen to history, and go out and spread that knowledge.¬†Caringness works. Compassion works.

The time that it takes for our clients to talk to us, pays off, because we are more knowledgeable in what we are selling. Knowing the history, with photos, from an 1800’s clock, is a huge jump. We now have the story to pass on, the clock’s value has gone up. BIG TIME.

Taking the time to learn about these things is one of the niches we fill. We know our customers, we’ve listened, we’ve shared, and now we perform really well for them. Take the time to talk to us, we’re excited to do it!

Working hard to get good prices is our day-job, passion and compassion is our life-style.


About the Author:

Todd Moss is a computer guy out of Willard, MO. He uses his training and education to perform awesome estate sales for seniors, down-sizers, and businesses who need to liquidate inventory. With a great attitude and strong work ethic, he’s not afraid to share honest views with anyone he meets.

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