Our Approach

Approaching this business with both passion and compassion has given us the ability to perform excellent estate sales without compromising the trust and faith of the homeowners we work for.

By creating a safe, secure selling environment, buyers at our sales feel comfortable while the owners can be confident in the job we are doing.

Our Story

Recognizing the need for seniors to feel comfortable with the selling process, Debbie and her grandson Todd sat down and started building a process for doing estate sales better. After bringing on more team members, getting their input, and gaining experience, our team created a new way to look at helping seniors and movers get the best price for their items through online sales and in-home estate sales. The results have been remarkable and results speak for themselves.

Meet the Team

Creating an environment where buyers can purchase household items is our day job.

Showing empathy, compassion, and a caring passion is our life-style.

Debbie Baldwin


Deb is a business guru, who looks out for seniors.

Brittany Moss

Fashion and Design

Great with setup and organization, brings a different perspective to sales and how they are done.

Todd Moss

Sales and Marketing

An electronics nerd, Todd excels at reaching out to buyers.

Madison Moss

Customer Service

Meticulous about details, Madi ensures communication with our company is top-notch and timely.

Jacob Woody

Online Auctions

"Woody" can find the value of any item. ANY ITEM!

Hana Marie

"The Boss"

Overseeing operations, shouting orders to the troops, and keeping us focused is where Hana has found her place.

Next Steps...

Getting started with us is easy, and we handle the heavy lifting and the hard work to get ready. Give us a call or send us a message!