Clean Estate Sales

Cleaning, preparing, and hosting Estate Sales is what we do best.  With heart and compassion, we go above-and-beyond for seniors who want to get the most out of their furniture and collectibles.

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Listing Ready Homes

After the sale, your home is as close to listing as possible. Clearing and sweeping afterwards, placing runners and carpets in main areas, and providing clean signage, your home will look great!

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Pre-Listing Exposure

Sales bring over 1,000 people throughout the home, in a supervised way. They see the homes before they get to market, and often ask for realtor and selling information.

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Estate Sales WORK for YOU!

Springfield has an active community of antique dealers, auction-goers, and art collectors. It's the perfect market for moving collectibles, art, furniture, and more. Great buyers = Great prices.

Utilizing online advertising, an estate sale is the most effective way to sell EVERYTHING in the home. From cleaning supplies, to kitchenware, going to garage items, and the patio, everything is sold in an estate sale for reasonable prices.

ESTATE SALES get the BEST PRICES for your treasure and your trash.  Customers want it all, and our company brings over 1000 customers through the home with supervision to protect your home and your things inside.



Next Steps...

Getting started with us is easy, and we handle the heavy lifting and the hard work to get ready. Give us a call or send us a message!